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"If Flatt and Scruggs children's children had babies with the
Kentucky Head Hunters and those children grew up on the Allman Brothers... that would be Brother Smith."
-Eric Bolander Music

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"No lyric is sung without passion, no note hit without intent."

" can tell this band is hell-bent on making their mark."

-Raffaela Kenny-Cincotta, Relix Magazine

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From Park Hills, Northern Kentucky...

Brothers Wesley (right center) and Aaron Smith (right) have been performing as and leading Brother Smith since 2015. What began as a roots driven acoustic duo has transformed into a progressive auditory ensemble to be reckoned with. 

Featuring new members Trevor Caddell (saxophone, left) and Amberly Winfrey (vocals, left center), Brother Smith's sound continuously evolves with inspirations that span across several genres, including: rock, funk, gospel, folk, blues, bluegrass, jazz, and country (to name a few).

From cigar box guitars to cellos and maribmas to pianos, there aren't many instruments you won't hear in their music.  Brother Smith's latest releases, "Trigger" & "Squirrel Squirrel", showcase Wesley's whimsical singer-songwriter side as well as both his and Aaron's atypical instrumental abilities heard through several cigar box guitars, a ukulele bass, an assortment of jugs, and a drum set-esk rubber made bin.

With several EP's and a third full length album on the way, Brother Smith is facing 2022 head on. This is a literal band of brothers that isn't slowing down any time soon.

Facebook: 6.1K followers

Instagram: 3.1K followers

Spotify: 148,446 all-time streams

Major Festivals

  • Master Musicians Festival - Somerset, KY

  • Birds of a Feather Music Fest - Morning View, KY

  • Kickin' it on the Creek - Irvine, KY

  • Hoppy Possum - Johnson City, TN

  • River Jam - Charlotte, NC

Supported Artists

  • Tyler Childers

  • Sundy Best

  • Rodney Atkins 

  • Blues Traveler

  • Moon Taxi

  • ONA

  • Kelsey Waldon

  • The Wooks

  • Brit Taylor

  • The SteelDrivers

  • John R Miller

  • Arlo McKinley