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"Trail Saguaro"

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*Recorded & Mixed by Duane Lundy @duanelundy

*Mastered by Justin Perkins @mystery_room_mke

*Artwork by Anna Pollock @annapollo

New Release

BS Bio

     Broadly speaking, there are two types of musicians in the world, both of which are essential: 1) The Persona - a musician of such a distinct and identifiable sound that they can define or redefine a genre, becoming an anchor around which other musicians can revolve; and 2) The Shapeshifter - a musician that has such a broad, intuitive understanding of music that they can play anything. The best can do it improvisationally as well as tastefully in any genre as to accentuate the Persona at the forefront. 

     Wesley and Aaron Smith, the brothers at the heart of Brother Smith, are shapeshifters of the highest order. Wes shreds guitar, plays beautiful piano, lays down a rock-solid rhythm guitar, and even occasionally breaks out a horn. Aaron switches back and forth between fiddle and drums. (Who does that??) They both sing, they both write, and they've been a part of darn near every jam we've seen all summer, from the 30th Anniversary Tribute at Master Musicians Festival to the side stage at Sweet Land of Liberty Fest, where they seemed to back every singer/songwriter all weekend. 


     Rolling through their catalog is a  comprehensive tour of the Americana landscape - from good ole Kentucky stomping and hollering, to jazz, soul, southern rock, country and blues. Their latest single is part Western Cowboy Ballad, part Ranchera Waltz.

     Who knows which way they'll go when they take the stage. All that's certain is that it'll be a killer time.

-Angela Meyer, Moonshiners Ball, 2023


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