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New Release

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"Trail Saguaro"

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*Recorded & Mixed by Duane Lundy @duanelundy

*Mastered by Justin Perkins @mystery_room_mke

*Artwork by Anna Pollock @annapollo

New Release

About the Band

From Park Hills, Northern Ky...

     Brothers Wesley and Aaron Smith have been performing as and leading Brother Smith since 2015. 

     What began as a roots driven acoustic duo has transformed into a progressive auditory ensemble to be reckoned with.

     Brother Smith's sound continuously evolves with inspirations that span across several genres, including: rock, funk, gospel, folk, blues, bluegrass, jazz, and country (to name a few).

     Brother Smith's latest release,

"Trail Saguaro", offers the listener a chance to experience the gambit of sound and feeling these boys produce. The brothers' songwriting and wide range of instrumental abilities are ever present, furthering a catalog that demands attention.


     "Trail Saguaro" is Brother Smith's fourth release of 2023 amidst several albums, EPs, and singles.

About the Band

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